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company with my daughter! It's unthinkable."

Mirax's face twisted down into an angry mask the equal of the one her father wore. "It's not unthinkable at all, at least not for someone who is willing to use more than one synapse on it. Wake up, Father. The Emperor is dead. It's a new galaxy."

Booster shook his head, then looked toward Huff. "The Emperor dies, and the natural order gets its double helix all twisted the other way. Next thing you know it will start raining here on Tatooine, and you'll have tourist trade for seaside resorts."

Huff smiled. "Actually, I have some sites picked out to cover that eventuality."

"I bet you do." Booster frowned at his daughter again. "A Horn! Hal Horn's son! I wouldn't have wanted this for you for all the glitterstim in the galaxy."

"What you want for me, and what / want for me have long been different, Father." Mirax let Corran's hand fall away, then walked to her father and gave him a big hug and kiss. "That doesn't diminish my pleasure at seeing you again."

Booster returned the hug and swung his daughter off her feet so his broadly muscled back hid her from Corran's sight. Corran couldn't hear what father said to daughter, but the smiles on their faces as they again turned around told him their exchange had not been acrimonious.

Booster kept his left arm draped over Mirax's shoulders and posted his right fist on his right hip. "I was sorry to hear about your father's death. No love lost between us, but I respected his tenacity."

"And my father respected your ingenuity." Corran gave Booster a thin-lipped smile and got the same one in return. He lifted his chin. "Huff indicated that you're here to negotiate for the remains of an Imperial arms cache. I'd gotten the impression from Mirax that you were retired and
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