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words out of everyone's ears. Could there have been a more stupid remark you could have made? A dozen different candidates flashed through his mind, including several that could have reminded Booster of his stint on Kessel. Okay, it could have been worse, but not by much.

Booster Terrik's laughter died. "Mirax, who is he, and why shouldn't I show him why others fear me?"

A smile fitted itself on her face, but her eyes tightened. "This is Corran Horn."

"Horn?" Booster's voice descended into bass tones. "This is Hal Horn's boy?"

Corran turned to face Mirax's father. "I am."

Booster's hand's balled into fists the size of Corran's head. "So, then, there's no reason I shouldn't give him the beating I owed his father. If you don't mind, Huff."

The rotund Darklighter shook his head. "I'd prefer it to happen outside, otherwise, beat away."

Mirax stepped up beside Corran. "There is a reason, Father."

Booster's face slackened for a moment, then he frowned. "I've heard that tone of voice before. You don't want me to take a round out of him. You even want me to like him, but there's no reason in the galaxy why I'd like him."

"Yes, there is."

"Why am I going to like the son of the man who sent me to Kessel?"

"Because I do."


Mirax slipped her hand into Corran's. "You heard me. Corran's saved my life, I've saved his, and we like each other. A lot." She gave his hand a squeeze. "You can jump in any time, Corran."

"Me? You're doing fine."

Her father's face went through all sorts of contortions. "No, no, not a daughter of mine. If your mother weren't dead, this would kill her, you know that." Booster snarled, then spitted Corran with a stare. "And you! Your father would be mortified. Your grandfather would tear his hair out. A Horn keeping
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