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same things. This could be amusing."

Corran saw Huff's eyes glaze over just imagining the profit potential. "Hey, no one is going to make you a better deal for that stuff than we are. No one."

"Oh, how interesting." Huff walked back toward the doorway and rested his left hand on the door that remained closed. "I have some people here who want what you want. They say no one can make me a better deal. Fascinating, no?"

Corran heard a bellow from the other room. Huff shoved the other door open to reveal a huge, powerful man freeing himself from the clutches of a spindly chair. The man, whose hair was a short bristle of white and gray, dwarfed Gavin and even made Huff look small. Where his left eye had been, burned a red replacement, though his right eye was a normal brown. "Come to deal, have you?"

Corran gave him a hard stare. "Listen pal, you can leave right now because your dealing days are over." Thinking back to the cantina, he let a smile slowly spread across his face and jerked a thumb over his shoulder back at Mirax. "That's Mirax Terrik, Booster Terrik's daughter. If you know what's good for you, you'll go."

The large man stopped, his jaw hanging open, then he reared his head back and laughed.

Corran turned and looked at Mirax. "How come that scared people at the bar, and this guy laughs?"

"It worked on the people at the bar because they're afraid of my father." Mirax smiled sheepishly at him.

"And what's wrong with this clown?"

"Well, Corran," she winced, "he is my father."


"Oh," said Corran, without missing a beat, "I guess you take after your mother."

Though he saw mirth and astonishment mix on Mirax's face, and saw a smile begin to blossom on Gavin's face, Corran wished for nothing so much as a chance to inhale and suck those
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