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looked anything alike, but he realized Huff Darklighter wasn't viewing Gavin through the same frame of reference. Huff made Biggs into a hero long before the Rebellion ever did.

Huff drew back from his nephew and smiled toward Mirax and Corran. "I just stepped in here to let you know I'd be a bit yet. Negotiations are delicate."

"I understand, sir." Corran started forward and extended his hand toward Huff, but the larger man made no move to match his gesture. "I'm Corran . . ."

Huff held his hands up. "Time for introductions later, I'm sure. Really, I hate to be rude, but . . ."

Corran's emerald eyes shrank into crescents. "Just as I would hate to report to the New Republic that one in ten of the freighters bearing Darklighter products from here burns seven percent more fuel than is necessary—if they're actually carrying the cargo on the manifest. Suspicious minds might think that means they're carrying seven percent of their weight in illegal or exotic items, and the trouble you'd have to go to to straighten that mess out would be more than rude."

What little was left of Huff's smile melted clean away. "Nasty friends you've got here, Gavin."

"Corran used to be with CorSec, Uncle."

"Out of your jurisdiction, Corran."

"True, but I can still be trouble." Corran turned toward Mirax. "This is Mirax Terrik."

"Terrik?" Huff's smile struggled to return to his face. "Related to Booster Terrik?"

"He's my father."

"I see."

"I'm sure you do, sir. Something else you should see is that we're here to negotiate with you for weapons, munitions, and spare parts you have left over from the looting of an Imperial weapons cache several years ago."

The smile blossomed in full on Huff's face. "Imagine that. My current visitor was inquiring about the very
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