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to the Imperial Military Academy and, in the end, led to Biggs's death. Since Darklighter isn't prone to accepting blame for anything himself, the favor Imps had done for him was seen as the cause of his son's death. Conversely, because Biggs is a hero of the Rebellion, Darklighter is willing to deal with the New Republic.

Gavin looked around at the shelves, then smiled. "Huff's working office is up in the tower. His negotiating office is next door. Once he ushers out whoever is in there, we'll get to go in. Once he learns you're from Corellia I bet he finds you some Whyren's Reserve whisky."

Mirax smiled. "I'll take that and maybe make a side deal for any extra he has stashed away."

"Sure, but remember our main mission." Corran held up a finger. "We're looking for weapons, munitions, and spare parts. Anything else we get is extra."

The two of them nodded, then turned toward the eastern doors. One-half of them slid into the wall and Huff Darklighter entered the library. His belly preceded him by a second or two, but therein the resemblance to a Hutt ended. A coronet of white hair surrounded a pate the color of tanned leather. Darklighter's arms and shoulders looked powerful and were somehow complemented by the luxuriously full moustache he wore. His dark eyes glittered coldly as he instantly assessed his visitors, but then the corners of his mouth rose.

"Gavin, it is a pleasure." The tone of voice didn't seem to quite match the smile as far as Corran was concerned, but the elder Darklighter pulled Gavin into a polite hug, so he assumed there was no problem between them. Huff fingered his moustache. "Darken your hair and grow one of these, and you'd be the spitting image of my Biggs."

Mirax shot Corran a hooded glance. Corran didn't think Gavin and Biggs
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