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the addition had destroyed the fine lines of the vehicle was the fact that beneath the dust Corran saw a pink and puce paint job.

Corran hooked an arm over Gavin's shoulders. "You know, the womp rats you bull's-eye in a thing like this might be color-blind, so they don't care what your speeder looks like, but, really, look at this thing."

Gavin smiled wryly and spun out from beneath Corran's arm. "It beats walking, which was the other alternative given our operational budget. Get in. This baby will still hit three hundred klicks per, despite the modifications, and the krayt dragons don't see the color scheme as edible. We'll be there in no time."

The trip actually took half a standard hour, which wasn't "no time," and speeding through trackless wastes actually seemed close to forever. If it weren't for the cloud of dust billowing out from behind them, Corran would have been hard pressed to cite evidence that they were going anywhere at all. The Jundland Wastes mountains became a heat-warped stain on the horizon, and nothing else came even close to serving as a landmark.

Despite the lack of signposts or other waymarkers, Gavin got them to his uncle's estate without incident. The brief glimpse of it Corran had gotten from the Pulsar Skate as they came in had not prepared him for what it really looked like. From above it looked fairly normal—a compound surrounding a number of buildings including a tall tower. From the ground what became apparent was that, aside from the entryway and the tower itself, the buildings he'd seen were all constructed below the planet's surface. Gavin slid the landspeeder to a stop near the entryway beside several other land-speeders and then led Mirax and Corran down through the stairs to the compound's main courtyard. The stark white
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