father." Mirax smiled slightly. "For Booster, retirement means he still does deals, but he does them for friends, not for profit. Folks use him as a negotiatorhe works out terms and the like. It keeps him getting the best of the business without the risk. He's happy, which is better than the alternative."

Which is why you've not mentioned us to him. Corran nodded. / fully understand. My father wouldn't have, so not having to explain it to him is about the only good thing I can think of concerning his being dead.

Gavin came in through the doorway and paused in the foyer near the droid detection unit. He twisted left and right, shaking a cloud of Tatooine's fine dust from his tan cloak.

Beneath it he wore what was once a white shirt, a black vest, dark brown pants, and knee-high boots. Around his middle he had strapped on a blaster and had tied the lower end of the holster around his right thigh.

"Looks the fair pirate, our friend." Mirax raised a hand. "Gavin, over here."

Corran agreed with Mirax's assessment, though Gavin's sloppy grin kind of marred the image. "Everything set?"

Gavin nodded. "I have a landspeeder waiting out front. It's not much, but it was the best I could do. I tried to borrow one off Uncle Huff, but he said the last time he loaned a landspeeder to someone from Rogue Squadron it wasn't returned in the best of conditions."

"We might as well head out, then." Mirax stood and clipped the hold-out blaster to her belt. She dug around in a pouch for some credits as she headed toward the bar. "How much?"

Wuher shook his head. "Your friends got it." He glanced toward the Rodian and Devaronian.

She smiled. "And they took care of you, too, yes?"

"The spirit of generosity, they were."


Mirax followed Gavin from the cantina

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