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jaw dropped open. "No?"

"No." Corran frowned. "I have things I have to do. Erisi and Iceheart have crimes to pay for."

Luke's cloak closed around him and his face became impassive. "Beware revenge, Corran. Such black emotions open the way to the dark side of the Force."

"This isn't about revenge." Corran shook his head and pain washed over his face. "It's about obligations I have to people. People who helped me, other prisoners were on the Lusankya when it blasted out of here. I promised them I'd come back for them. Well, we know where they are: Thyferra. It's time we go get them."

Wedge nodded. "We clearly cannot leave Ysanne Isard and Fliry Vorru in charge of the galaxy's bacta supply. We're producing rylca now and might be able to produce some bacta later, but that'll never be enough. We're going to have to go after Iceheart, and I'd prefer it to be sooner rather than later."

Borsk Fey'lya's fur rippled. "But, in fact, Commander Antilles, your quest will never take place."


The Bothan clasped his hands together at his waist. "The Provisional Council will never sanction an operation against Thyferra. We have your orders to join the Mon Remonda and head out after Warlord Zsinj."

"Those orders were issued before Iceheart escaped with Erisi and Fliry Vorru. It was before she took Thyferra. We can't be expected to follow those orders." Wedge stared dis-believing at the Bothan Councilor. "That's not right."

"Oh, it is quite right, Commander. Remember, the peo-ple of Thyferra overthrew their own government and in-stalled Ysanne Isard as their leader. This makes the revolution there nothing more than a case of internal politi-cal maneuvering."

A cold chill ran down Wedge's spine. "And the Provi-sional Council cannot allow itself or its agents
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