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Corran frowned. "Does everyone but me have relatives here? We land at Docking Bay Eighty-Six because some cousin or something of Gavin's owns it, then he takes off to set up a meet with his uncle Huff. Your father's got enough pull here so that two guys who'd suck the eyes out of a dead bantha's head run like droids being pursued by Jawas."

Mirax shrugged. "Tatooine is really a fairly small community. The Darklighters are a well-known and powerful family here. That estate we flew over on our way in here was Huff's place. And as for my father, well, he had quite the reputation before your father tossed him into the mines on Kessel, and his surviving his time there didn't hurt his rep at all. I'm sure that in some CorSec bar back on Corellia your name would be taken as being just as impressive."

"Maybe, but let's not test the reaction to it right now, okay?"

"I don't think even invoking my father's name would save you if you ran into an old enemy here."

"And invoking my name would doom me if we ran into your father here." Corran shot Mirax a sidelong glance. "Have you sent your father a message letting him know that you've developed an affection for the son of his nemesis."

" 'Developed an affection,' have I?" Mirax toyed with the hold-out blaster. "I thought we were a bit beyond that stage."

"True, we are, but no fair dodging the question."

She frowned. "No, I haven't told him. While you were dead, there was no sense mentioning it—I didn't want to be dealing with his anger while my heart still felt ripped out of me. And in the time since you came back from the dead, well, I've been busy; and ever since he retired, I'm never really sure where he is."

"Most folks, when they retire, settle in one spot and relax."

"Most folks aren't my
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