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that some of these folks need cargoes hauled, and those cargoes might be the kind of thing we want. Can't hurt to be here. Besides, Gavin recommended it as our rendezvous."

"Right. That's because he's never been in here before and didn't want to come in alone." Corran allowed disgust to pour through his words, but he mitigated it with a smile. "If I'd been asked to raid a place like this, my plan would have begun with the phrase, 'After the strafing runs are completed

Shock rode freely on Mirax's face, but was exaggerated enough that Corran figured she was really only mildly horrified at his suggestion. "This might not be the most savory bunch of characters ever gathered together in the galaxy, but they're not that bad. My father used to bring me in here all the time when I was a kid. Some of these hard cases may be crusty on the outside, but they were very kind to me. Wuher, the bartender over there, used to synth up a sweet fizzy drink for me, and more than one of these guys would bring me little trinkets from the worlds they'd visited."

Corran shook his head. "I'd have loved to see those Immigrations forms. 'Purpose of the visit to our world?' 'Murder, mayhem, glitterstim smuggling, and purchase of a gift suitable for a small Corellian girl.' "

Mirax giggled. "Yeah, I imagine there are a couple like that in databanks somewhere."

The sound of her laughter managed to cut through the dulled buzz of conversation in the cantina. Corran sat up in his chair as he noticed two individuals turn from the bar and look in their direction. One was a Rodian and the other was a Devaronian, yet they both shared a lean, hungry look that made Corran feel antsy. They started toward the table, and Corran took it as significant that they abandoned full drinks at the bar, primarily
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