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by infantry. They were useful in filling the gap caused by the loss of the convoy at Derra IV."

Gavin's shoulders slumped. "Oh, I never knew all that."

"Not that you should have, Gavin." Winter smiled. "Aside from the individuals who found the ship, a few smugglers who helped transport the merchandise, and higher-ups in the Rebellion, no one does. The Empire devoted resources to trying to find and take it, diverting them from pursuing us."

"Finding a miracle ship is not our only hope, people." Wedge held a hand up. "One of the things Winter has done for the Rebellion is locate old Imperial supply dumps. Most of them have been thoroughly stripped, but not everything is accounted for. We're going to go back over some of those sites and see what we can find. In fact, we have one mission that will be heading off tomorrow. Mirax will be taking Corran and you, Gavin, to Tatooine. One of the arms caches we found a couple of years ago had been plundered by Biggs Darklighter's father."

Gavin raised an eyebrow. "Uncle Huff?"

"The same. He said at the time he used some of the cache to arm his own security force then sold the rest off. But I don't buy it for a moment. There is no way he would have gotten rid of everything." Wedge smiled. "So, you're going to go home, Gavin, and talk your uncle into sharing the wealth with us."

"I don't know if he'll listen to me."

"That's why we're sending Corran, too. Your uncle has secrets to hide, and I expect Corran can ferret them out. That will help."

Gavin's face froze for a moment, then he began to smile. "I can get behind this. Serves him right for always seating me at the children's table at family gatherings."

"Gavin, he did that because you were a kid. Big, but a kid." Corran scruffed up Gavin's blond hair, then
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