is where you're supposed to tell us that unseating her isn't tough and relate the whole thing to varminting on Tatooine."

Gavin blanched. "I didn't hear anyone mention a trench or canyon or womp rats. Taking a planet is beyond me."

Wedge smiled. "It's beyond most of us. I've sent communications out to some individuals who might be able to help. The problem is enormous. First we have to eliminate the ships, then take the world. The key to nailing the ships is to get them spread out so they can't support each other. We can do that by forcing Isard to use them to cover bacta convoys, but to kill the ships we need weapons, and a lot of them."

Riv Shiel, the Shistavanen wolfman, curled his lips up in a snarl. "It sounds as if we need the Katana fleet."

"That would be nice." The legendary ghost fleet of warships was supposed to be skipping through hyperspace, just waiting for someone to come and claim it. Wedge frowned. "We could also hope that the Outbound Flight Project finally produces results, with a host of nonhuman Jedi Knights coming from outside the galaxy to help us, but I don't think it's likely."

Gavin raised a hand. "What about that ship that Alderaan loaded all of its weapons on when it demilitarized? I can't remember the name, but I thought it was supposed to go through space and return if needed. Maybe Princess Leia has a way to summon it or something."

Winter shook her head. "You are thinking of Another Chance. While it is not as much of a legend as the Katana fleet, or Jorus C'baoth's mission outside the galaxythe ship did existit is not the solution to our problem. The Another Chance was actually recovered by Rebel sympathizers prior to the debacles at Derra IV and Hoth. The weapons recovered were all of Clone Wars vintage and suited for use

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