smile he offered. "As a spy she was good, but the next contest is one of pilots, and in that one she'll lose."

Winter changed the holographic image again. "If she loses it's not going to be because she's lacking the equipment she needs to win. Defending Thyferra are four Imperial warships: a Super Star Destroyer, two Imperial Star Destroyers, and one Victory-class Star Destroyer. Lusankya, Avarice, Virulence, and Corrupter, respectively. Lusankya is the ship that blasted its way out of Coruscant. It was previously unaccounted for, causing us to raise our estimates of how many ships the Kuat Drive Yards and the Fondor Yards produced. Oddly enough, both places claim to have produced Vader's flagship, Executor. It appears two ships were manufactured under that name, with one having been turned into Lusankya and buried on Coruscantprobably to serve as the Emperor's get-away ship. The other Executor, the one from Fondor, was destroyed at Endor."

She circled a finger through the hologram, encompassing the trio of smaller ships. "Avarice, Virulence, and Corrupter have hardly had sterling careers, but the crews are competent. I'm in the process of assembling files on all the staff officers, but the most dangerous of them, Captain Ait Convarion, commands the smallest ship. Corrupter has done very well in the Outer Rim hunting down pirate groups which, for better or worse, we resemble."

Wedge stood as Winter shut the holoprojector down. "As you can all see, we're dealing with a fairly formidable foe that is well armed. One of the things we have to face is that we may be unable to accomplish our goals in this operation. Unseating Isard may, in fact, turn out to be impossible."

Seated behind Gavin, Corran reached out and tapped the younger man on the head. "Gavin, this

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