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well. So well, in fact, I have an offer to make you. For thirty generations the Jedi Knights safeguarded the galaxy, and the Emperor was only able to succeed in our absence. I am dedicating my life to reestab-lishing the Jedi Knights. I want you to join me. Come with me. Train and learn with me. Become a Jedi Knight."

Wedge felt something hollow open up inside his gut in the wake of the hushed gasps of the rest of the squadron. He instantly recognized the void--I'm jealous! That surprised him for a moment, then he realized how the emotion had been born. Luke had always been a special friend, but as he had grown into his heritage as a Jedi Knight, distance had formed between them. They still got along well and had a great time in each other's company, but Wedge's inability to understand what it was to be a Jedi also forced them apart. Now someone who does not know him as well as I do, someone he barely knows at all, is being offered the chance to learn about a side of Luke I can never know.

Corran lifted the lightsaber up in front of his face. "You want me to become a Jedi Knight?"

"Yes. Together we can make certain no more Emperors can rise up to enslave a galaxy. Everything you were raised to do within CorSec you will be able to do in the whole of the New Republic. The Empire is but one manifestation of the

Force's dark side and we will stand as a buffer between it and good people everywhere."

Mirax hugged Corran's left arm. "A Jedi Knight. This is quite an honor."

Corran shook his head. "No."

Wedge nodded at him. "Oh, it is quite an honor, Cor-ran, one I envy you."

"You're not hearing what I'm saying." Corran's head came up. "I realize it's an honor to be asked to train and become a Jedi Knight. Believe me I do, but my answer is no."

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