amount of satisfaction for the Vratix. Qlaern Hirf here is a verachena master blender who commands subordinates and creates bacta. A verachen is very much equivalent to a brewmaster at any Lomin-ale brewery, though a verachen also has highly defined rights and responsibilities within the Vratix society.

"I should also note that the Vratix are neither male nor femalethose roles are played at different times in the life cycle, so referring to Qlaern as 'he' or 'she' is inappropriate. Moreover:, since the Vratix do constitute something of a low-grade hive mind, they are more comfortable with a plural pronoun, so they and them will have to suffice."

The Vratix in the back clicked its curved mandibles. "Your dissertation honors us, Lady Winter."

"Think you. Because of their desireeven needto produce bacta, the Vratix welcomed the influx of humans who were willing to set up and run businesses that created a demand for more bacta, allowing and even compelling the Vratix to do more of what they enjoyed doing. While individual Vratix are part of the corporate ownership for both Zaltin and Xucphra, Imperial laws made it necessary to remove them from active leadership and decision-making roles in the companies. Zaltin and Xucphra were given Imperial monopolies on the production of bacta, presumably in return for bribes paid to the local Moff and the Emperor. This has made Thyferra a very rich planet and the humans who live there very wealthy. The Vratix, on the other hand, live very modest lives in tribal groups within the rain forests."

She typed a data request into the datapad, which switched the image of the city for a trio of individuals. "Ysanne Isard was installed as Chief Operating Officer and Head of State for Thyferra in a coup d'etat approximately two weeks

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