the defense shields on Coruscant, Rogue Squadron had caused a lot of water to boil off into the atmosphere, creating a huge thunderstorm. For a week and a half following that storm the air had been thick and heavy. No wonder the plant that goes into bacta thrives there.

"Thyferra has three stellar-class spaceportsone at what is now being called Xucphra City. The other two are located on separate continents and are primarily used for the loading and unloading of bacta. Inbound ships stop at Xucphra City first for Customs and Immigration inspections, then are sent on to the spaceports to do business. They leave from those spaceports and head directly out to the destinations."

Nawara Ven raised a hand. "I presume the metropolis's name change came about when the Xucphra corporation took over. What was it called before that?"

"Zalxuc City, which really is not much better." Winter directed the computer to zoom in and supply an aerial view of the city. "As you can see, it's not really a metropolis at all. The human population of Thyferra was only ten thousand before Isard took over. Many Zaltin families fled, and their housing is being used for Imperial Army and Navy officers and enlisted folk on leave from their ships. The Lusankya alone carries twenty-five times the human population of the planet, so there is no question about the possibility of occupation when or if Isard orders it. So far she has refrained and is using Imperial personnel and equipment to train and supply the Thyferran Home Defense Corps."

Winter nodded to the six-limbed, insectoid alien standing in the back of the room. "The native population of Thyferra refers to themselves as the Vratix. The production of bacta literally the brewing together of alazhi and kavamappears to produce an almost mystical

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