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are looking for fighters, so its a seller's market."

Standing at the front of the room, Wedge nodded. "That's getting a bit ahead of ourselves, but it's worth keeping in mind. We've got some basic data to mull over first, concerning our objectives. Winter has put them together." Wedge pointed to the holoprojector toward the front of the room. "Winter, if you please."

Winter stood and walked to the front of the room with a stately grace that left no question in Wedge's mind why people on Alderaan had frequently mistaken her for Princess Leia Organa. Though Winter wore her white hair long and, today, in a thick braid, she carried herself with a nobility that matched her exquisite features. Slender and stunning, she seemed somehow incongruous with the dangerous missions she'd been on during her career as a covert agent for the Rebellion.

Which is exactly why she was never suspected.

Winter picked up the datapad that was connected by a cable to the holoprojector. She hit one button, dimming the glow panels in the room and bringing up a holographic projection of a planet. "This is our objective: Thyferra. It is a fairly normal terrestrial planet with a breathable atmosphere and two moons, neither of which has atmosphere or is inhabited. Thyferra is covered with rain forests and enjoys a day that is roughly twenty-one point three standard hours long. The axial tilt is negligible so there are really no seasons. Because of its proximity to the system's star, a yellow star, and the mildly elevated levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, it maintains a tropical climate year round. The way Coruscant felt after the storms that took down the power grid is pretty much what this planet experiences all the time."

Wedge frowned. To take the power grid down and eliminate
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