the people seated in the small, amphitheater-style room and smiled. "I want to thank you all for showing up for this meeting. This is our first organizational meeting, but some decisions have already been made. They will stand unless they meet with overwhelming protest. No one should hesitate to voice a question or make a commentthis is going to be a bit more democratic than the squadron was, primarily because plans and orders are originating with us, not being passed down from above."

Everyone nodded in assent with his remarks, so Wedge continued. "Corran Horn began this whole thing by resigning from Rogue Squadron first, but he's agreed to let me lead this group. I've appointed Tycho Celchu as my second in command. Lady Winter is our Intelligence Officer as well as handling part of the Quartermaster duties. Mirax Terrik is handling the other half of those duties. Tycho will let you know what we've got in the way of supplies."

Tycho turned around in his seat. "We have a fair number at creditsapproximately seventeen million, give or take."

Gavin laughed. "Seventeen million, I'll take."

"So would a lot of other folks, which is precisely what they want to do." Tycho frowned. "Rumors of what happened at the reception, despite the spin the New Republic Information Ministry tried to put on it, have spread quickly. While we are getting a lot of support, the folks who deal in the things we need to accomplish our mission know how desperate we are. Right now we have one X-wingCorran's shipand the services of Mirax's Pulsar Skate. Other ships are fairly dear. I would imagine, to get the fighters we need, we'll probably end up hiring mercenaries who come with their own equipment. This shouldn't surprise anyone, though the prices might. All the little Warlords out there

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