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with a slight shift, it would harden into something that would make the most fearless of Black Sunners begin to tremble in interrogation." Iella gave out a little sigh. "I can see it with your father, but not Diric."

"Not yet."

"No, not yet."

"But you will." Corran kissed her forehead. "It won't be easy, but the only way I got through it was because of you and Gil and my other friends."

"You didn't have any other friends."

"Yeah, well, that may be, but you do. Mirax and Wedge and Winter and all of us, we're here to help you. You're not alone. We can't feel the same depth of pain you do, but we can help you bear it."

Iella nodded. "I appreciate that, I really do." Her brows arrowed in toward each other as she concentrated. "I have decided I can't remain here on Coruscant. The memories are mostly bad and overpowering. I have to get away—even if it means leaving all my friends."

"I understand. I wanted to run after my father's death, too." Corran smiled. "The trick of it is, for you, that your running doesn't mean you lose your friends."

Iella's eyes sharpened. "What do you mean?"

Corran looked around the Sanctuary, then lowered his voice into a whisper. "We're leaving Coruscant, and we want you to come with us. You're part of our family, part of the squadron. We're going after the monster who warped Diric. We're going to make sure she doesn't do that to anyone else. We need you to come along and help us get her."

Iella pulled back and sat up straight. "The odds against success are astronomical."

"About the same as taking Coruscant from the Empire."

Iella nodded coolly. "Odds are for those who want to minimize their own risks. I want to maximize Isard's risks. Count me in."


Brushing brown hair out of his eyes, Wedge looked up at
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