because even after his capture Imperial Intelligence didn't find you. I think he built a mental reserve around you and was willing to sacrifice everything to protect you. Even altering her orders at the end was designed to protect you, and in his mind, sacrificing himself to do so was not too much to pay."

Corran frowned. "The one thing about Diric that characterized him was his curiosity. We both saw it in the way he'd ask us about cases and push us to look at other explanations. He was thoughtful and thoroughespionage was a natural place for him. You said yourself that Isard first placed him in Derricote's lab to spy on the General. She probably suggested to him that his success in that role determined whether or not she'd let you live. She undoubtedly told him that lie concerning any actions he took after he rejoined you."

Iella's defiance melted into despair. "Great, now you're. telling me that he'd not have been in that position except for me."

"No! You had nothing to do with where he ended up that was entirely due to Isard and no one else." Corran sighed. "Look, think about the good Diric did. Aril Nunb pointed out that he was the only person in Derricote's lab that was kind to her and who helped her through her recovery from the Krytos virus. And after he came back, he was a great comfort to Tycho through the trial. He even pushed you to look for evidence to break the frame Isard had settled around Tycho. And, like it or not, he did kill Loor, and I can't fault him for that."

"He thought he was shooting Derricote but knew it wasn't him. He was happy he'd gotten Loor."

"Well, I did kill Derricote and I'd have been more happy to kill Loor myself." Corran brushed a hand along her cheek and wiped tears away with his thumb. "Diric wasn't happy existing

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