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chain and gathered the Jedi medallion in his right hand. "The Jedi on this medallion may have been his friend, but he wasn't my grandfather."

Luke's voice remained even. "Your father was Hal Horn?"


"And his given name was Valin Horn."

"Yes, but everyone called him Hal." Corran blinked. "You don't think that was a rhyme for part of his name, do you? You think that was short for Halcyon, right?"

"What I think, Corran, is that Nejaa Halcyon died in the Clone Wars, and his friend, Rostek Horn, was there to sup-port Nejaa's widow and son through the tragedy. Rostek married your grandmother and adopted your father." Luke frowned momentarily. "When the Emperor began to hunt down the Jedi and kill them, Rostek Horn, given his position in CorSec, managed to change records so that Nejaa's family was hidden from Imperial scrutiny. You and I are alike in that we come from families with a strong Jedi tradition, yet neither of us were aware of our heritage until later."

Luke reached out and took Corran's right hand in his left. He pressed the lightsaber into it and closed Corran's fingers around the shaft. "You may want to consider finding this lightsaber a coincidence or luck, but there's no such thing. I'll have you know that of the other two-dozen light-sabers in those rooms, only three worked without recharg-ing, and this one had lain in a case far longer than any of the others."

"You mean my grandfather wasn't my grandfather?"

"Oh, he was very much your grandfather. He accepted the responsibility for directing you and your father into the sort of life that would honor Nejaa Halcyon and insulate you from the dark side of the Force. It was a difficult and coura-geous thing for him to do, and clearly he did it well." Luke smiled. "In fact, he did it very
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