treason trial. I thought it was General Evir Derricote and set traps to prevent him from reaching the Imperial Court. You'll recall I asked you to post a dozen people at various places in Imperial Center."

"Yes." And I only sent three to each location, since I needed the rest to evacuate my bacta storage facility. "None of them found Derricote."

"No, he probably was not there after all. Loor was their witness. I had thought Derricote had escaped from Lusankya, but he apparently died at the hands of Corran Horn, during his escape. Horn killed your men in the Galactic Museum, in fact." Isard pressed her hands together, fingertip to fingertip. "The agent I set as my failsafe to stop Derricote instead shot and killed Loor and, in turn, was killed by his own wife. She was one of Loor's escortsshe had known him from Corellia."

"Iella Wessiri." Vorru felt a moment's pang of sympathy for her. She had been an influential and intelligent member of the cabal that succeeded in stripping away Coruscant's planetary shields and opening it to the Rebel invasion. Though her background with the Corellian Security Force made him view her as an enemy, he did admire her skill and dedication. If she had to shoot her husband, it will tear her up inside. She does not deserve that sort of pain.

Isard smiled. "I find it rather delicious that she was forced to shoot Diric. He was useful, but really just a pawn. His love for her was enough, apparently, to get him to reinterpret some of my orders to him, though, ultimately, he belonged to me, not to her. I hope that hurts her more than killing him did."

Vorru frowned. "If Loor was killed, how did Alliance Security sweep up your agents?"

"Loor apparently encoded a datacard as a safeguard against them just killing him. It seems the

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