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nodded. The Intelligence agent and leader of the Palpatine Counter-insurgency Front had disappeared just hours before Isard had fled from Coruscant, bearing Vorru away with her. "My assumption was that he had been taken and broken in interrogation. That was the only explanation for why so many of your operatives still on Coruscant were swept up in the aftermath of your departure."

"He was certainly the cause of the sweep, though it appears he gave the information up voluntarily." Isard's eyes narrowed. "He attempted to use an operation of his own to deal with the bacta convoy headed for Coruscant through the Alderaan system."

"The convoy that Warlord Zsinj hit." Vorru nodded slowly. "Loor had told me he had a squadron of X-wings painted up to represent Rogue Squadron. He wanted to use them to strafe the squadron's headquarters, but I stopped him. So the Rogues that Zsinj destroyed there really belonged to Loor. Amazing."

"Indeed." Her eyes flashed pitilessly. "Loor realized, after the disaster, that I had leaked word of the convoy to Zsinj so he'd strike at it. I assumed his need for revenge upon Rogue Squadron would make him hit it and destroy them. It would have, too, had the real squadron not been delayed. Loor apparently assumed I would realize he had attempted to deceive me, since his transmission of the report about the convoy and his plans to deal with it came too late for me to countermand them. He chose to run over to the Rebels and seek sanctuary with them."

Vorru nodded. "There are ways to deal with him. Boba Fett could find and kill him, I have no doubt."

"His skills will not be necessary." Isard smiled in a way that managed to mix glee with cruelty. "I had learned from another agent of mine about a secret witness to be brought forward in the Celchu
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