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my people wouldn't think for themselves and would follow me into disaster if I make a mistake. What I'd missed is exactly what you do. You give your people responsibilities and make them rely on each other. If we'd just followed your lead while on Coruscant, the Imps would still own this world. I need to do just that with my people. If I give them responsibility, they'll learn that I trust them. Once they realize that, they'll also trust in themselves and won't follow me blindly when I do something stupid."

Wedge stood and offered Pash his hand. "You'll be sorely missed, Captain Cracken, but our loss is your unit's gain. We'll see you soon at the Yag'Dhul station."

"Thanks, Wedge, Tycho. I look forward to seeing you there."

The door closed behind Pash, prompting Wedge and Tycho to exchange glances again. "Well, Tycho, it seems our housing problem is solved. Now all we need is a dozen or more X-wings, munitions for same, droids, techs, foodstuffs, and other supplies, not to mention all the equipment necessary to repair any damage to our new base."

Tycho winced. "That's quite the tall order. Dare I say it?"


"I wish we had Emtrey to help us put this whole package together."

Wedge smiled as he thought of the black 3PO droid with a spaceport controller droid's clamshell head. Installed as the unit's Quartermaster, the droid had really been meant to keep an eye on Tycho in case he was a spy in the Empire's control. Despite his espionage duties, he had been a wonder at procuring supplies in a timely manner. Even so, he could be annoy-ingly voluble, which is why Wedge spent as much time as possible away from him.

Wedge sighed. "Yeah, I guess I miss him, too." He shrugged. "In his absence, I guess we'll just have to do the best we can."

"True, and
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