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Tycho smiled. "And they're wondering why nothing new is being shipped from Alderaan."

"That's pretty much it." Pash leaned forward, resting his elbows on his knees. "Our patrol area includes Yag'Dhul, the system that is home to the Givin. One of our initial exercises involves going in and rendering the space station there uninhabitable so Warlord Zsinj won't have it as a place to which he can retreat."

Wedge frowned. "Correct me if I'm wrong, but Zsinj hasn't been anywhere near that station since we hit it and stole his bacta."

"So it seems." Pash shrugged. "Anyway, my flight group has the job of denying this station to Zsinj. I was thinking that perhaps you might like to stage your operations out of that station. It would deny it to Zsinj and would provide you a decent fighting platform from which to work. It's conve-nient to Coruscant and Thyferra as well as to a number of other worlds."

Wedge's brown eyes narrowed. "And would allow you to wander by and help out if we got into trouble."

Pash sat back and feigned surprise. "Why you didn't think that was what I had in mind, did you? Not at all. I mean, yes, my people might avail themselves of the station if we needed to stop—no way I'm going to set down on Yag'Dhul. The weather is too unpredictable to allow us to use it as a viable staging area."

"Point taken."

Tycho nodded. "The station would make for a good staging area. If Pash were to report that it had been rendered uninhabitable, then Isard might be led to believe it's junk. There's no doubt in my mind that at some point she'll find out where we are and come after us, but an operational space platform has to be a bit more daunting than a skyhook or a warehouse here on Coruscant."

"Definitely seems like this is our best choice." Wedge nodded,
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