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celebrated and praised as if they were the only people in the galaxy who still had in them the rebel spirit that defeated the Empire.

"Do you think the Provisional Council ordered the grounding of all skyhooks just to spite us?"

Tycho shook his head. "That's a popular rumor after we were offered the SoroSuub skyhook, but we know the safety concerns over the things are well founded. The Lusankya blasted most of one out of the sky, and the falling debris obliterated a couple of square kilometers. Grounding the skyhooks in that area and where the Lusankya blasted out of Coruscant provides housing for the survivors of those disasters and allows the resources used to keep the skyhooks airborne to be diverted to other projects."

"Too bad for us, because a skyhook would have been perfect. It would have enough storage to let us house our equipment when we get it."

Tycho raised an eyebrow. "I think you're more concerned that it would provide Isard with a single target to hit when she comes after us, which she will. It minimizes collateral damage."

"Unless you're living beneath us."


"As was your speculation." Wedge frowned. "The fact is that we've declared war on Isard, but we're not going to be indiscriminate in waging that war. She knows no such restriction on her actions. In reality, we shouldn't be looking at any headquarters anywhere near Coruscant. There are a bunch of old Rebel bases we could convert."

"Even if we could get it, I'm not going back to Hoth." Tycho shivered. "I saw enough snow there to last me a dozen lifetimes."

"Which is about what it takes to burn that Hoth cold from your bones." Wedge shook his head. "No, I was thinking about Yavin 4 or Talasea. Endor would be nice, but the Ewoks would be targets for her."

A chime sounded
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