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her brown eyes. "Whatever do you mean, Lieutenant Horn?"

"Well, I precipitated the mass resignation of the New Republic's most celebrated fighter squadron and vowed that we'd liberate Thyferra from Ysanne Isard's clutches. So far, toward that end, we have a squadron's worth of pilots, my X-wing, and if you're really in this with us, your freighter."

Mirax smiled. "Versus three Imperial Star Destroyers and a Super Star Destroyer, not to mention any sort of Thyferran military forces that might oppose us."

Corran nodded. "Right."

Mirax's grin broadened. "Okay, so get to the trouble part."

"Mirax, be serious."

"I am. You forget, dear heart, that it was an X-wing and a freighter that lit up the first Death Star."

"This is a little bit different."

"Not really." She reached out and tapped his forehead with a finger. "You and I, Wedge and Tycho, and everyone else knows what it takes to defeat the Empire. It's not a matter of equipment, but of having the heart to use that equipment. The Empire was broken because, for the good of the galaxy, it had to be broken. The Rebels were given no choice, and because of that, they pushed themselves further than the Imperials did. We know we can win and that we must win, and Isard's people know nothing of the kind."

"That's all well and good, Mirax, and I agree, but this is a massive undertaking. The sheer amount of equipment we'll need to pull this off is staggering."

"Agreed. I don't think this will be easy, but it can be done."

"I know." Corran massaged his eyes with his left hand. "Too many variables and not enough data available to begin to assign them values."

"And three hours before dawn isn't the time you should be wrestling with such things. As bright as you might be, Corran Horn, this is not an hour
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