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"So I can imagine." Luke nodded, then turned and ex-tended his hand to the male half of the couple walking up. "Tycho, good to see you again, and now out from under suspicion."

Tycho shook his hand. "Thank you, Luke. I believe you know Winter?"

The Jedi Knight nodded and offered Winter his hand. "My sister's friend and confidant? We are well acquainted. It seems I speak with her more than I do Leia, especially with my sister off on her embassy to Hapes. How are you doing, Winter?"

"Much better, now that Tycho is free." Winter slipped her hand from Luke's and again held Tycho's hand. "I under-stand you are spending most of your time in the Museum."

"True. There is a wealth of material there." Luke looked over at Wedge. "I was hoping you'd introduce me to this Corran Horn."

"Gladly." Wedge looked around, caught Corran's eye, and waved him over. Corran headed in their direction with Mirax on his arm and Qlaern Hirf following them like a shadow. "Luke Skywalker, it is an honor to present to you Lieutenant Corran Horn, Mirax Terrik, and Qlaern Hirf. This is Luke Skywalker, Jedi Knight and founder of Rogue Squadron."

Corran smiled and shook Luke's hand. "I'm very pleased to meet you, sir. One of the first things Commander Antilles ever said to me was that I was 'no Luke Skywalker.' You set a very high standard for all of us to shoot for."

"Not my intention, but I'm not averse to being used as a motivational tool." Luke smiled, then shook Mirax's hand. "What you and Qlaern Hirf have done to save lives here on Coruscant is worthy of much praise and even more thanks."

Mirax shrugged. "I'm strictly transport, sir, Qlaern did the hard work."

Luke shot a glance back at Wedge. "A Corellian smug-gler without an attitude?"

Wedge shrugged. "She's smarter

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