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" C'baoth snapped. "Skywalker left Jomark because Mara Jade escaped from you and twisted his mind against me. And she will pay for that. You hear me? She shall pay."

For a long moment Thrawn was silent. "You threw the entire Filve task force against the Millennium Falcon," he said at last, his voice under control again. "Did you succeed in capturing Leia Organa Solo?"

"No," C'baoth growled. "But not because she didn't want to come to me. She does. Just as Skywalker does."

Thrawn threw a glance at Pellaeon. "She wants to come to you?" he asked.

C'baoth smiled. "Very much," he said, his voice unexpectedly losing all its anger. Becoming almost dreamy . . . "She wants me to teach her children," he continued, his eyes drifting around the command room. "To instruct them in the ways of the Jedi. To create them in my own image. Because I am the master. The only one there is."

He looked back at Thrawn. "You must bring her to me, Grand Admiral Thrawn," he said, his manner somewhere halfway between solemn and pleading. "We must free her from her entrapment

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