was nothing to worry aboutit was over quickly, and there weren't any aftereffects. Really. Anyway, what I felt back at Filve was completely different."

"Glad to hear it," Han said, not yet ready to let it go. "Did you have any of the med people check you over or anything after you got back?"

"Well, there really wasn't any time before"

"Fine. You do it as soon as we're back."

Leia nodded with a quiet sigh. She knew that tone; and it wasn't something she could wholeheartedly argue against, anyway. "All right. If I can find time."

"You'll make time," Han countered. "Or I'll have Luke lock you in the med center when he gets back. I mean it, sweetheart."

Leia squeezed his hand, feeling a similar squeeze on her heart as she did so. Luke, off alone in Imperial territory . . . but he was all right. He had to be. "All right," she told Han. "I'll get checked out. I promise."

"Good," he said, his eyes searching her face. "So what was it you felt back at Filve?"

"I don't know." She hesitated. "Maybe it was the same thing Luke felt on the Katana. You knowwhen the Imperials put that landing party of clones aboard."

"Yeah," Han agreed doubtfully. "Maybe. Those Dreadnaughts were awfully far away."

"There were probably a lot more clones, though, too."

"Yeah. Maybe," Han said again. "Well . . . I suppose Chewie and me'd better get to work on that ion flux stabilizer before it quits on us completely. Can you handle things up here okay, sweetheart?"

"I'm fine," Leia assured him, just as glad to be leaving this line of conversation. "You two go ahead."

Because the other possibility was one she'd just as soon not think about right now. The Emperor, it had long been rumored, had had the ability to use the Force to exercise direct control over his military

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