we've got your coordinates," Leia said, reaching for the data transmission key.

"Hold it, Falcon," Wedge cut her off. "We've got company to starboard."

Leia looked that direction, her throat tightening as she saw what Wedge meant. The approaching TIE fighters were coming up fast, and already were close enough to eavesdrop on any transmission the Falcon tried to make to its escort. Sending Wedge the jump coordinates now would be an open invitation for the Imperials to have a reception committee waiting at the other end.

"Perhaps I can be of assistance, Your Highness," Threepio offered brightly. "As you know, I am fluent in over six million forms of communication. I could transmit the coordinates to Commander Antilles in Boordist or Vaathkree trade language, for example"

"And then you'd send them the translation?" Han put in dryly.

"Of course" The droid broke off. "Oh, dear," he said, sounding embarrassed.

"Yeah, well, don't worry about it," Han said. "Wedge, you were at Xyquine two years ago, weren't you?"

"Yes. Ah. A Cracken Twist?"

"Right. On two: one, two."

Outside the canopy, Leia caught a glimpse of the X-wings swinging into a complicated new escort formation around the Falcon. "What does this buy us?" she asked.

"Our way out," Han told her, checking the rear display again. "Pull the coordinates, add a two to the second number of each one, and then send the whole package to the X-wings."

"I see," Leia nodded her understanding as she got to work. Altering the second digit wouldn't change the appearance of their exit vector enough for the Imperials to catch on to the trick, but it would be more than enough to put any chase force a couple of light-years off target. "Clever. And that little flight maneuver they did just now was just window

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