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Mothma said. But she looked troubled. "Why did you do it, Leia?"

"She did it because I asked her to," Karrde put in calmly. "And since the Katana fleet is technically not yet under New Republic jurisdiction, I don't see, how any activity related to it can be considered illegal."

"We'll explain proper legal procedure to you later, smuggler," Fey'lya said acidly. "Right now, we have a serious breach of security to deal with. Mon Mothma, I request an executive order be made out for Solo's and Skywalker's arrest."

Even Mon Mothma seemed taken aback by that one. "An arrest order?"

"They know where the Katana fleet is," Fey'lya bit out. "None of their group has been cleared for that information. They must be sequestered until the fleet has been entirely brought into New Republic possession.

"I hardly think that will be necessary," Leia said, throwing a look at Karrde. "Han and Luke have both handled classified information in the past-"

"This is not the past," Fey'lya interrupted her. "This is the present; and they have not been cleared." His fir flattened. "Under the circumstances, I think I Lad best take personal charge of this mission.

Leia threw a look at Karrde, saw her own thought reflected in his face. If Fey'lya was able to personally bring back the Katana fleet- "You're certainly welcome to come along, Councilor," Karrde told the Bothan. "Councilor Organa Solo and I will appreciate your company."

It took a second for that to register. "What are you talking about?" Fey'lya demanded. "No one's authorized either of you to come along."

"I'm authorizing it, Councilor," Karrde said coldly. "The Katana fleet is still mine, and will remain so until the New Republic takes possession of it. Until then, I make the rules."

Fey'lya's fur flattened again,
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