own weakness.

Angrals words bounced around his consciousness.

Passions can lead to mistakes.

He had to have her, and he had to stay true to the Empire.

He had to square a circle.

He resolved to find a way.

He went to her bedside, touched her face with his callused hand, and started disconnecting her from the fluid line and cables.

You will be treated aboard my ship. In proper facilities.

A mans voice from behind him said, You there! Stop! You cant do that!

Malgus looked over his shoulder to see a male nurse standing in the doorway. The man quailed when he saw Malguss visage but he held his ground.

She is not cleared for discharge. The man started into the room as if to stop Malgus, but the female nurse who had led Malgus to Eleena interposed her wide body.

Leave them be, Tal. They are leaving.


Leave it alone.

Malgus could not see the fat nurses face but he imagined her trying with her expression to communicate to the male nurse that Malgus was a Sith. He asked Eleena, Can you walk?

Before she could answer, he scooped her up in his arms.

I can walk, she said halfheartedly.

He ignored her, brushed past the nurses and into the corridor. For a time, Eleena looked into the rooms they passed, at the wounded, the dying. But soon it became too much and she buried her head in Malguss chest. Malgus enjoyed the feel of her in his arms, the warmth she radiated, the musky smell of her.

You are thoughtful, she whispered. The feel of her breath on his ear sent pangs of desire through him.

I am thinking of geometry, he said. Of squares and circles.

Thats an odd train of thought.

Perhaps not as odd as you think.

When they exited the facility, she saw the dozens of bodies strewn about the

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