A child was crying. Bodies lay scattered about like so many rag dolls. Shattered glass covered the ground. Speeders and swoops lay on their sides. Loose papers stirred in the wind.

Unmoved, Malgus walked the now-clear path into the medical facility.

Inside, patients and visitors cowered behind chairs, desks, one another. Malguss breathing was the loudest sound in the room. No one dared look at him.

Where are the Jedi? someone said.

The Jedi are dead in their Temple, Malgus said. Where I left them. There is no one to save you.

Someone wept. Another moaned.

Malgus found an overweight human man in the pale blue uniform of a hospital worker and pulled him to his feet by his shirt.

I am looking for a Twilek woman with a scar on her throat, Malgus said. She suffered two blaster wounds and was brought here earlier today. Her name is Eleena.

The mans eyes darted around as if they were seeking escape from his head. I dont know of any Twilek. I can check the logs.

If harm has come to her here

A heavyset nurse, her red hair pulled back into a tight bun, rose from behind a desk. Her uniform looked like a blue tent on her stout body. Freckles dotted her face. I know the woman you mean. I can take you to her.

Malgus cast the man to the floor and followed the nurse through the corridors. The air smelled of antiseptic. Walls and floors were clean white or silver.

Staff and medical droids hurried through the halls, barely noticing Malgus, despite his disfigurement. A female voice over the intercom almost continually called doctors to this or that treatment room, or announced codes in various places in the facility.

Malgus and the nurse took a lift up to a treatment ward, walking past rooms overcrowded with patients. A womans

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