mistress. He took Eleena gently by the arm and escorted her aboard the transport while bombs fell and the Republic died.

After the medical team had triaged and loaded the wounded, the Sith loaded their own dead aboard. The bodies would be taken to Dromund Kaas or Korriban for proper rites. Malgus wished Adraas had been among them.

After the transport lifted off, Adraas, masked once more, came to Malguss side.

What of the Jedi bodies? Adraas asked.

Malgus considered. The Jedi had fought well, especially Zallow. They misunderstood the Force, but he nevertheless wished to treat them honorably. Make the Temple their tomb. Bring the whole thing down.

I will request a bomber to

Malgus shook his head and turned on Adraas. They stood about the same height, and Adraas did not quail before Malguss appearance.

No, Malgus said. There are more than enough explosives still on the drop ship. Use them.

This is an order my lord?

Malgus held his calm with difficulty. Sith should destroy the Jedi Temple, not Imperial pilots. Do you disagree, Adraas?

Adraas seemed not to have considered this. Malgus was not surprised. Adraas, too, misunderstood the Force, and he had little sense of honor. Still, he did as he was told.

It will be done, my lord.

Presently, the charges were set and Malgus held a remote detonator in his hand. He eyed the Temple one last time, its towers, the stacked tiers of the central structure, the toppled statues, the great entryway made into a rough and jagged sneer by the passage of the drop ship. The rest of his Sith forces stood gathered around him.

Should we remove to a safe distance? Adraas asked.

Malgus regarded him with contempt. This is a safe distance.

We are twenty meters away from the entrance,

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